Basic Items for SS Fallschirmjäger Impression.
Reqd       Tunic, Wool (M36, 40, 42, 43)
          Tropical uniform: Tunic and Trousers (optional)
Reqd       Camo Jump Smock (splinter)
Reqd       Jump Trousers, wool
                 Camo Trousers ( to be determined)
                 HBT Trousers (optional)
Reqd       Side Cap
          M43 Cap Wool / Camo (Optional)
Reqd       Socks
Reqd       Boots (Jump, low, Jackboots or Gebirgs)
          FJ Gloves (Optional)
Field Gear:
ReqdBelt w/ SS Enlisted Buckle (can sub Luft Buckle)
ReqdBayonet w/frog
ReqdBread bag (Green, Tan, LW Blue, Gray)
ReqdCanteen with cover and cup (any type cover)
ReqdMess Kit w/utensils
ReqdGas Mask Bag or Can
ReqdY-Straps (Light or Regular, Leather or Canvas)
ReqdAmmo Pouches (Depends on Weapon)
ReqdFJ Bandolier (Splinter, Blue, Tan)
          E-Tool with Cover (Optional)
ReqdZeltbahn (1/4 min, but complete shelter recommended)
ReqdZeltbahn Poles and Pins
          Sidearm Holster (If Sidearm Present)
ReqdHelmet, Parachutist (Any color scheme w or w/o cover)
ReqdK98 / G43 / MP38 / MP40 / STG, etc
ReqdSling and  Sight hood ( if reqd for K98)
          P38 / P08 / Radom/Captured Pistol (Optional)
          Flare Gun (Optional)
ReqdWeapon Cleaning Kit
          Hand grenade, stick or egg (Optional)
Personal Gear: 
ReqdShaving Gear
ReqdHand Towel
ReqdSewing Kit
Reqd       Identity Disc
Reqd       Soldbuch
ReqdRations (as required)
ReqdSoap Dish w/Soap
          Butter Dish (optional but desired)
ReqdMatches / Lighter
          Tobacco Products (As desired)
ReqdBlanket (Military Grey, Green or Civilian)
For more information:
M36              M40              M42               M43